Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What Next in the World of 'Eric the Troll's Incredible Journey?'

I've begun to write a sequel to From Goats Gruff to Glory with a working title of From Ruin to Renaissance.  Hopefully I'll come up with something much better before I publish it!

I have 3 chapters written and intend to offer at least 2 chapters, plus character back stories and other background information as a free download for those who buy the first book.  What with the current price of book 1 being 99c (75p), free days on Amazon and free downloads I'm giving it all away!

I have some interesting marketing plans for Goats Gruff but it is tricky marketing a book and finding time to write another at the same time.  I also intend to share here any FREE book marketing ideas that work for me.  As I'm giving everything away a key criteria for anything I do marketing-wise is it must cost nothing!

I've already introduced some interesting new characters in book two.  There is Chrissie, like Eric, a lowland troll who hails from Australia and used to run a nail bar in Sydney.  Chrissie is very 'rock and roll' and 'in your face' and is currently lodging with a room full of Kangaroos in Wangatanga - her 'roo-mates'.  Chrissie scares the living daylights out of Eric but they both enjoy hanging out in the Swamp Bar.   Eric hopes Erica will never meet Chrissie.  But Erica has other ideas.

There is also Elizabeth the Elephant's Child who is highly critical of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories and many other famous children's books.  Stand by for a darker story with betrayal, disaster and a Bond-like villain!  

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