Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The first few lines of the second book

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Boris the spider squatted contentedly, peacefully dozing in his huge web, over the stove in the kitchen of Eric and Erica’s home Shangri-La.  Little did he know that within months his whole world would come crashing around him and he would find himself no longer welcome at the Windyweather's home.  The dark clouds were gathering and Eric, Erica and Cheesy Spread were right in the path of the approaching storm. 

So what am I doing at present? (when not doing my day job!).  

  1. Working on this website.
  2. Putting together my FREE download with lots of stuff relating to both books.  As soon as I have completed it I'll post a link on this site.
  3. Mounting a twitter campaign for the book and this site.
  4. Putting a link in book 1 to this site and the free download.
  5. Working to finish book 2 and get it published.

Here to finish is an extract from Boris the Spider's profile:

Boris began life as an egg left in a crack in a rock at the foot of the Windgybingy mountains in Wangatanga.  Most of his siblings were eaten by birds but Boris was too deeply buried in the crack to be devoured.  When Boris emerged into sunlight there was little competition for food so Boris quickly built a web and caught his first meal.  Boris found life as a spider solitary and dull.  He found to his cost that seeking out other spiders for a chat was not welcomed and he narrowly escaped death when he reached out the hand of friendship to a particularly aggressive neighbour.  Boris was very smart and found building webs and catching food easy so he spent the first part of his life doing a lot of thinking.  Life improved for Boris when he was able to find occupied buildings to move into.  Boris taught himself the basics of business and marketing by simply observing the mistakes of others from his vantage point on the ceiling.

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